As baby grows up, it is important to transition baby from sleeping in the crib to a bed. However, baby may not want to sleep in the crib at first and you might have trouble getting baby to sleep there. This article will give you 5 tips on how to get baby into the habit of sleeping in their own bed without any fuss!

Put your baby to bed at the same time every night

baby’s sleep cycle is regulated by the amount of light they are exposed to. Thus, try to put baby down for bed at a consistent time every night so baby gets used to this habit and starts sleeping in their crib more often.

Find baby’s favorite bedtime toy: the use to which baby is most attached will help baby get into a routine of going upstairs and getting ready for sleep by themselves rather than needing you or another person to go with them every night!

It is important to make baby’s space as comfortable and welcoming for baby. One way you can do this is by using a nice, safe crib mattress or bedding. When baby has their own special place they’re more likely to want to sleep there!

Make sure you’re following a routine

Put your baby into the same routine before putting them into the crib: going through a similar set of steps before putting baby down will get baby ready for sleep! This might include reading or singing songs with mommy/daddy/caretaker, giving baby milk (or other drinks), changing diapers if necessary, etc.

Put baby down without any fuss: it sounds simple but making sure that baby is calm before putting him/her in their crib may make all the difference. Give baby time alone after eating, singing songs, etc., until he/she falls asleep on his/her own and then put baby in the crib once they are fast asleep.

Make sure you’re giving baby plenty of opportunities to play during the day in order to ensure his/her tiredness before bedtime arrives!

Avoid baby’s bedtime routine, such as feeding baby or playing with baby right before they go to sleep. This will make it more difficult for baby to fall asleep on their own and may cause baby to wake up during the night. It is best if you put them down in a calm state of mind so that they are able to drift off easily!

Try rocking your child and singing softly

Stay close while talking softly: it may sound funny but staying next to little one as you talk softly can help reassure baby that everything is ok and he/she has nothing to worry about.

White noise can be played through an app or device at the same time every day when putting baby down for nap-time or nighttime sleep session. The sound helps mask any other noises that might disrupt baby’s slumber – like fan running, traffic outside, etcetera. White noise also has been shown help reduce anxiety levels which could help prevent some baby sleep problems.

Keep lights low or turn them off completely

Leave baby’s room as dark as possible: it can be helpful to keep the lights low and turn them off completely when baby has fallen asleep. This creates a calming environment for baby which helps baby transition from awake to sleep easier.

Let baby get used to sleeping in the crib: this tip might sound weird but it can be a good idea to let baby sleep in their crib for progressively longer periods of time as they grow up until baby is completely comfortable with being there and staying asleep. This will make transitioning out of the crib much easier because baby has already become accustomed to falling asleep somewhere other than your arms.

Place the crib near an open window

Baby sleeps best when the room is not too hot nor cold – baby will be able to regulate their body temperature better than adults are capable of doing so it makes sense that baby would like a warmer environment than us grown-ups prefer! Keeping the bedroom air conditioner on cool setting while keeping baby bundled up with blankets may help, but some experts advise against sleeping babies in any kind of clothing because it could restrict baby’s movement.

So keep those tips in mind when you’re trying to get your baby into bed! Hopefully they will work well for you too so that soon enough your baby will want to sleep there all by themselves!