Kenny Ballentine is a family-man, award winning filmmaker, trainer, public speaker and nature guide. In January 2013 he wrapped production on his latest feature-length documentary film, Nature Kids and founded The Nature Kids Institute.  Kenny’s mission in life is to bring the wonders of the natural world into the lives of children everywhere.  He envisions a future where our everyday lives will be as immersed in nature as they are in technology and where children are outside, healthy, and deeply connected to the planet they will inherit.  The primary focus of Kenny’s films, workshops, speeches and outings is to turn that vision into a reality. Kenny currently lives in beautiful Northern California with his wife and three children.

“Children do not get to choose their childhood.

It is up to us to bring childhood back outside!”

-Kenny Ballentine

The Nature Kids Workshop LIVE!

Bring filmmaker and nature guru Kenny Ballentine to your school, parent group or organization for a full day workshop and Nature Kids screening!

Live Workshop Comes With

  1. -Companion Workbooks for all participants

  2. -Nature Kids on DVD for all participants

  3. -1 copy of the Nature Kids Workshop DVD Program

  4. -Set of 5 NKI Infographic Posters