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It's time to bring childhood back outside!
Welcome to The Nature Kids Institute! You can use the link below to stream or download our award-winning, feature length documentary film "Nature Kids". Or, scroll down to enjoy our full multi-media library of resources that will help you reconnect children with the wonders of nature. 
Nature Kids Trailer
Video Library
Solving the World's
Biggest Crisis
Estamos Aquí:
A Celebration of Nature y Cultura
Nature Kids Clip:
Don't Fence Me In!
Nature Kids Clip:
The Gifts of Nature
Nature Kids Clip:
Out on a Limb
Nature Kids Clip:
Undue Fear
Nature Kids Radio Episodes
Ep. 1: Getting Back to Nature with
Scott Sampson
Ep. 2: Attend Forest Kindergarten with Claire Warden
Ep. 3: Tree Adventures at the Arbor Day Farm
Ep. 4: Play Time with
Rusty Keeler
Ep. 5: Meet Urban Explorer
Debi Huang
Ep. 6: Meet "Nature Dad" and Science Guru Michael Barton
Ep. 7: Curing Nature Defici Disorder with Richard Louv
Ep. 8: Let's "Go Wild" with
Cindy Ross
Ep. 9: Going "Out on a Limb" with Sam "Oak" Johnson
Ep. 10: Greening Schools and Communities with Sharon Danks
Ep. 11: "A Woman's Guide to the Wild" with Ruby McConnell
Ep. 12: Meet José Gonzalez of Latino Outdoors
Downloadable Infographics
Speeches and Workshops
"Help Me Out"
Speech given in Melbourne, AU
"How Childhood Moved Indoors"
Lecture given at UCLA
"The Indoor Health Crisis"
Lecture given at UCLA
"Nature is Good For You"
Lecture given at UCLA
"Living the Nature Pyramid"
Lecture Given at UCLA
"8 Tips for Bringing Nature Into Your Classroom"
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